Support for the girls trafficking fighter

Support for the girls trafficking fighter

Nepal is facing a lot of social problems because of the poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness. One of the major among them is girls trafficking. And with a shame we have to admit that many Nepalese girls are compelled to live their life in darkness. With the efforts of heroes like Charimaya Tamang and Anuradha Koirala, some of our sisters were able to return home and some were able torescued from being trafficked. Giving our sincere gratitude to thoseheroes for their great deeds, Tamang Samaj is donating her all the profit, gained from Himalayan fair to organization named Shakti Samuha. Shakti Samuha is the first organization in Nepal to be established and run by survivors of trafficking.

Born into a poor family made poorer by the passing of her father, Charimaya Tamang was 16 when she was trafficked to India. She spent 22 months enslaved in a brothel before the Indian government rescued her and more than 200 other Nepali women in 1996. Upon her return to Nepal, Ms. Tamang faced social stigma and was outcast from her own community. But she courageously filed a case against her traffickers, becoming the first person to file personally a trafficking case with the district police. In 1997, the District Court – in a landmark decision – convicted and sentenced eight offenders involved in her case.

Shakti Samuha is the first organization in Nepal to be established and run by survivors of trafficking. In 2000, Ms. Tamang and 15 other survivors established Shakti Sumaha, an anti-trafficking NGO. She received a national honor for her work in 2007 and is currently one of two trafficking survivors serving as members of the government-led National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, which was founded in 2009. In that role, Ms. Tamang raised the importance of including survivors in each district-level working group.

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